Sands of Agris

Apparatus with power over time.


(Minor Action) Roll Time Magic Skill:  Everyone is caught in the lost reveries of Agris and the world slows to a crawl in a place out of time.

(Area Effect 5, while within “bubble”)
Those effected suffer a penalty to Speed [-25%] for as long as they remain in the bubble. The sands slowly run out of the hourglass and the effect ends after fifteen minutes (real world) of time.

*Note – To activate the ‘Sands of Agris’ one only needs to speak the words of power and be in sensory range. The bubble is centered on and attached to the hourglass.


A gift from Mek’quetil to be used as an aid in causing problems for Dagolar. Mek’quetil claims he created it some years ago when he was still one of the most powerful Templars in Draj…when he had the slaves and resources required to create such a thing. Even know the item draws its power through a nearly unnoticeable defiling spell that steals the life force of those it afflicts. The time they lose to the sands are forever consumed to fuel its powers on the marrow.

Sands of Agris

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