A Prophetic Birth

Year of Reticent Twins, 492 BFD

The year began with heavy rains that tested the damns and dikes of Ta-ynt-netert1, the Kaam’at Delta had grown black with the thick loam within its waters. The citizenry had remained homebound for months on end – farms washed out and roads flooded. It was little surprise when the auguries named the year, many had turned towards carnal activities to combat boredom. It was in the spring of that year, as the rains were dying out, that the Keepers of Genesis2 within the birthing temples perceived an anomaly in one of the eggs. It was rocking and a scrabbling noise came from within, using an array of mirrors to catch the feeble sunlight from the cloudy sky, two distinct shapes were seen within. It should be noted that two beings being birthed from one egg is extremely uncommon. Unlike the mammal that retains the young to term and allows for the mother to place greater strain on her body to provide for unexpected young, the egg method has predetermined food stocks that cannot be altered. Though many weeks early, the Keepers made the call to birth the young early, breaking the shell and rushing the premature young into special care.

Very seldom does such an a thing as twins occur among the Myrrenn – and when it does the egg grows dark with rot to the optics of the Scrutators. Once in many generations, truly epic periods of time for such as the Myrr, a single child might survive by killing its brother and securing the remaining yolk for itself. Such Myrr as those are tainted by death and fated to futures that continue its somber melody – ruthless generals, dead-eyed warriors, and dispassionate men of science. Never in living history have both egg-mates survived, that is, till the ‘Year of Reticent Twins”. The younger was born very weak, but his eyes were wide and alert even at birth. He learned quickly and many believed his destiny was great – he was named Idogbe Osaze, meaning ‘brother of the twin and beloved by god’. The elder brother hid his physical weakness with strength, always active and eating raw meat before his teeth had even grown in – all the seers agreed he would be the greatest warrior of the age. This child of destiny was named Mukhwsna Osaze, meaning ‘Twin and beloved by god’. Within the first year the children were given to the Tawereti – their parents entrusting their future to powers greater than themselves.

1: Ta-ynt-netert means ‘She of the Divine Pillar’, named for the impossibly tall column that reaches into the clouds, sages believed it linked even unto the moon itself. None could approach the base of the shaft, being located within the citadel of an Overlord whose name has been lost to time. Sometimes in the dark of night, for many hundreds of miles, one could see pulses of light channel along its length.

2: The Keepers of Genesis are senior priests of the Order of Tawereti – a body charged with safekeeping a cycle of spawning until its hatching. Skilled in skills relating to incubation, analyzing health of young past the veil of birthing, and caring for young their first precarious weeks; they are held in high regard by the population at large.

A Prophetic Birth

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