On The Enlightened Races - The Verdant Age


My kind will soon be a memory, but our legends claim we came to Vespalia with the Overlords ages ago from beyond the stars. Perhaps that is why we live so long, I remember that it took a day to trek the twenty miles from the Tawereti Temple to our ancestral birthing chambers in the volcanic Nyungwe Mountains. I can only guess at the spans of time it would take to travel to a star – perhaps my kind would even grow old before the journey reached its end. I would not claim we are the chosen of the Overlords, but we Myrr believe we were the first. The histories are confusing from what I remember though – there were many beings on Vespalia when we arrived with the Overlords. It seems even some Overlords were here before we arrived. The tales and myths of our arrival claimed that we joined the denizens of Vespalia 100,000’s of years ago, generations even for the Myrenn. The mysteries of life learned among my Tawereti teachers , even if only the lower mysteries, leads me to believe many of the other races were breed and contrived here by other Overlords before our arrival. Perhaps we Myrenn were simply a successful experiment and thus forgotten by whomever had a hand in our development. Certainly, we had no direct purpose or role in serving the Overlords at the end of the Verdant Age.


The Nosiraa are an unusual and relatively rare race, though they make themselves more visible than their population would suggest. They have a drive and ambition that defines them. It is not simply a matter of mental outlook, unlike every other race, they do not age or have a ticking clock or mortality. Rather, the Nosiraa lives upon that driving ambition and only dies when contentment is found. Each person must find their own purpose and to fulfill the heady goals the Nosiraa set upon themselves, its little wonder many of the mayfly races see them as so immortal. Even as long lived as we Myrr are, without seeking patrons, their life long youth and vigor are to be envied. My Tawereti instructors taught us that the Nosir were a race breed to be the faces of the Overlords, born with a purpose, and finding peace only when their divine mandate is accomplished or killed along the way. Such a theory answers many of the mysteries that revolve around them in the fallen world. Their penchant to fight one another, they used to only encounter one another when gods came into conflict, a divinely designed false-safe mechanism? If I still felt pity, I would feel it for them. The Nosir were created to shoulder the earthly tasks of such divine beings, desperate to accomplish great deeds and works, now forced to find purpose under the yoke of mortal men. ______________________________________________________________________________________


The Saregian people were a race created during my Grandfathers time – breed from Mirigar stock over roughly one-hundred thousand years. The Mirigar proved a good fit for the project due to their short life spans, large litters, and inherent diversity. Just as the strongest of the Mirigar brood lived longer, nearly two centuries longer, so too did the Sareg project produce a race that lived longer still than the parent race. Taller, stronger, and faster – the Sareg race only had one issue in regards to a super soldier experiment. The breeding strategy of such a large and powerful species shifted to a K-Type I from the Mirigarian K-Type II, the number of children reared was greatly diminished. The shortcomings of the project were taken in stride and the Sareg people were still used in combat roles with limited room for combatants where their personal power was likely to stand out: boarding operations, night raids, and terror weapons. The true accomplishment of the experiment was not in the fabrication of a superior warrior race, which is questionable, but in the establishment of a truly impressive martial society. The current state of the world does not lend itself well to those races taking a Type I breeding strategy – while this is more apparent in those races with longer life spans (Lejenarii and Nathalit) the Sarags suffer for it as well. It is my prediction that the Sarags, Lejenarii, and Nathalit will all pass from this world and its only a matter of time. The frigid hell the world has become has changed what works and what fails – as the saying goes, “All eggs in one clutch is but folly”.

On The Enlightened Races - The Verdant Age

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