Arthas, a world shunned by the greater cosmos. Bereft of gods and left to its own slow death, the verdant era has long since ended. Today we see this sun scarred world ruled, fairly effectively if ruthlessly, by ancient and wise Sorcerer-Kings. Life is hard and short, what place will you carve for yourself in this desolate world?

House Rules

  1. Maximum Attributes = Twice the base of the player race.
    ~~Note: Artifacts and magic can increase a players attribute above twice the base.
  2. Starting Attributes = Can only be (+/-) 40% the racial base
  3. Maximum Skill = None, as MOS makes many skills worth increasing.
  4. Maximum Starting Skill LV = 18
  5. *No player may increase HP by more than 100% of base unless otherwise stated.
  6. Active Defense is an opposed roll against the opponents attack role, we are using MOS (Margin of Success, see example) 1
  7. Finally the building of any and all “powers” and special traits is up to DM approval. GURPS power’s system is very rich but also fairly abuse-able. As a soft rule, abilities should not have greater than -50% modifiers. This means powers can not apply for the “alternate ability” clause that reduces their cost by -80% before modifiers. To compensate for this fact players will be rewarded with three forms of experience: skill, attribute, and powers. This means characters should grow in all areas as an organic being – experience gains are generous with a typical (2) of each kind of experience rewarded in a typical session. Sessions that are pivotal may reward (4) or more of each experience.

Example: 1
A sword-master attacks with a Sword skill of 15 and rolls 12, this results in a MOS of 3. The defender parries with a dagger at a skill of 12 and rolls a 7, this results in a MOS of 4. The defender successfully defended by 1. He would have also defended with a MOS of 3, ties go to the defender.
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Into the Burning Wastes

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