Taric Massir

Caste down house guard, now an enslaved gladiator


“I will not forget how I got here.”

Age: 27

Weight: 200lbs

Height: 6’0"

Build: (look at picture)

Skin color: Obsidian black with a light sheen to it

Hair: Thin strands of what look like hair but are really shards of black obsidian

Cloths: Strips of leather covering his torso and legs. Shoes of hard leather and cloth gloves for his hands. Silt colored hood for head.


Taric Massir was born into a noble trading house in the city of Raam. His father, Yuriel, and his mother, Jerra, were both Genasi and as was he. His father was fire, his mother was silt, and he was obsidian. When Taric was only eight years old, both his parents fell very ill and passed away days later. No one seemed to ask why, no one seemed bothered by it except for Taric. For some reason, maybe pity or just curiosity, House Kalb took in Taric and raised him as one of their own. House Kalb was mostly made up of humans with a few half-elves. One year after he was taken in, House Kalb discovered that Taric was very adept in the arcane arts, so they trained him under House Kalb’s lord, Abasi Kalb, blessing along with Sorcerer Queen Abalach-Re’s blessing as well.

Unlike other arcane users, Taric was physically strong along with mental strength. With passing years, Taric was able to channel his powers through a weapon held in his hands. Taric took on the path of the swordmage. He was taught the guidelines of magic use, when and where to use it, and when to disguise it for not all people will openly accept you for what you do in this harsh world. He trained side by side with the house guards when he was older. At the age of twenty-two, Taric was assigned to be the personal guard for one of Lord Kalb’s nieces, Halima. Most did not agree to this, mostly Halima’s husband to be, Apis, but Lord Kalb’s words were final. Over the next few years, Taric and Halima were almost inseparable due to his duties and her always wanting to go outside. Halima was one of the half-elves in House Kalb, her skin was very fair and her hair was silt brown. She always smiled even when they traveled outside in the blistering heat with threats everywhere around them. Apparently her optimism was contagious because Taric began to smile too and not just at everything, but mostly at her.

Rumors began spreading that Taric and Halima were sneaking around together late at night, some say that Halima and Apis will never be married due to her infatuation with Taric. Apis grew angry with these rumors and he couldn’t stand it much longer. Desperate, he turned to one of Raam’s less friendly districts. He asked a local band of Thri-kreen raiders to take care of his problem. They agreed to it to him and his stacks of gold.

One day, several months later, Taric took Halima outside for their usual walk, but they were being followed by a group. Taric immediately drew his sword at the strangers, they were Thri-kreen, they all laughed at him for there was only one of him and eight of them. Regardless of the numbers, Taric stood his ground and stood between them and Halima. They charged him, and he met most of them with almost equal force due to his long training. He slashed at most of them, he connected the blade several times and they shrieked in pain but one shriek was not the Thri-kreen’s….it was Halima! Taric turned to discover that two of the Thri-kreen had slipped past him and had jumped Halima and were…..primal forces!!!! They were EATING HER!!!! Taric couldn’t comprehend at what he was seeing but he didn’t have time because the other Thri-kreen took this time to push onto him and were now on top of him. Again, Taric’s training took over but it was mixed with hatred and vengeance. In a psionic burst, the Thri-kreen on top of Taric flew off of him and smacked onto the ground, within seconds Taric was up and running to Halima’s side. He decapitated one of the Thri-kreen with little effort and kicked the other one off, but it was too late….she was dead. Anger filled him, and then it flowed to his blade. Taric’s sword burst into flames. The ground that the blade touched seemed to almost wither. The Thri-kreens tried to escape but Taric chased them all down. He gutted each one except for the last one, the one he kicked off Halima’s body. He sheathed his blade and grabbed the frightened Thri-kreen who was begging in some foreign language. As the Thri-kreen begged, Taric sucked the life out of it and poured it around Halima’s body. It didn’t effect the body, only the ground around it. Sickly looking flowers sprouted up around it as if to show that the world accepted her body now. Before the Thri-kreen died it looked up at the ramparts on the wall. Taric followed its gaze to discover someone on the ramparts, Apis. He looked at Taric harshly but was still smiling. Taric knew, somehow, what had just happened as Apis ran back inside, Taric quickly ran inside as well.

As Taric ran inside the main doors of House Kalb’s he heard the word “Defiler” over and over again in Apis’ voice. Taric grew scared but stayed strong and continued on into the house. Taric entered the main chamber and everything went quiet. All the nobles were there, Apis was right next to Lord Kalb, who was pale white now as he looked upon Taric. Everyone backed away from Taric as he stepped forward towards Lord Kalb. Taric knelt before his lord and begged for forgiveness and explained the situation of which occurred. Everyone was shocked that Halima was dead now due to Thri-kreen raiders. Apis quickly cut off Taric’s story to again say that he was a Defiler. Taric grew angry with Apis’ words and grabbed he and cursed him up and down in every language he knew. Taric continued to explain that Apis was watching the fight while Halima was dying and Taric was fighting for his life. But no one seemed to believe Taric’s words. Who would believe him after all, he was an outsider while Apis was well inside most of their circles and was well trusted. Taric was stripped of his title and gear and was exiled from the city of Raam. Taric was lucky that Lord Kalb had some kindness in him to let Taric leave alive.

The next day, Taric was thrown out of Raam with nothing but the clothes on his back and one days supplies. Taric walked for what seemed like days but was only one till he passed out due to the terrible heat. When he next awoke he heard two voices and saw who they were, an elf and a dray. They carried ropes and whips….slavers. Taric tried to put up a fight but was to weak to struggle against them. He was captured and they took him to Draj. The next time Taric awoke was having some water poured down his throat. He discovered that he had been captured and was now forced into the arena of Draj. Over the next several months, Taric fought in the arena first to survive but now he has grown to enjoy it almost. Since he has no home to call his own anymore he feels almost….welcomed in the arena.

Taric Massir

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