Zyx'ys Myst

Thri-Kreen warrior in search of a clutch


When Zyx’ys (called Zyx when greater labeling efficiency is needed) first hatched, he was sickly. So much so, that the pack-mother considered consuming him to provide more nutrients for the clutch as a whole. However, for reasons known only to the hive-mother, Zyx was permitted to mature.

As he grew, the young kreen realized he could never be quite as fast as his clutchmates, but he could be strong and smart. Through several risky hunts, Zyx proved that careful preparation could weaken a target, while coordinated thrusts of a gythka would bring it down faster than if everyone simply stabbed on their own.

Unfortunately, tactics were simply not enough to fight off the slavers that found his clutch during a crodlu hunt. Outnumbered by foes with superior weapons and armor, the 8-year-old (a little past adulthood) kreen accounted well for themselves, though that just increased the slavers’ desire to catch them. Once beaten into submission, Zyx was separated from his clutchmates, and all were sold to the arenas.

Zyx'ys Myst

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