First Aid and Bleeding

*The majority of people in the Tablelands are TL 3, Kreen are 1.

It takes one minute to apply pressure or a tourniquet to stop bleeding. This restores 1 HP.

Treating Shock
After bandaging, the aid-giver may take extra time to apply a more elaborate dressing and treat the victim for shock. He must keep the victim warm, comfortable, calm, and still. After an hour of treatment, he may roll against First Aid skill. On a success, the medic restores 1 HP and waives the patients wound penalties from future healing. A success of 5 or more doubles the targets normal recovery time for the injury treated! This roll includes the 1 HP for bandaging; thus, bleeding stops immediately.

If you are injured, you may continue to lose HP to bleeding. At the end of every minute after being wounded, make a HT roll, at -1 per 5 HP lost. On a failure, you bleed for a loss of 1 HP. On a critical failure, you bleed for 3 HP. On a critical success, the bleeding stops completely. On an ordinary success, you do not bleed this minute, but must continue to roll every minute. If you do not bleed for three consecutive minutes, the bleeding stops for good. Otherwise, you or someone else will need to make a First Aid roll to stop the bleeding.

First Aid and Bleeding

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