Arcane, Schools of Magic

Practitioners of Preserving and Defiling practice will working within the following six schools:
Matter Manipulation: Int
Life [Very Hard]
Wind [Average]
Earth [Average]
Fire [Hard]
Water [Average]

Forces Manipulation: Int
Light [Hard]
Sound [Average]
Gravity [Hard]
Space [Very Hard]
Time [Very Hard]

Illusion: Int
Glamour [Hard]
Phantasm [Very Hard]
Shadow [Average]

Conjuration: Int
Demonology [Average]
Primal Forces [Average]

Necromancy: Int
(─) Energy Manipulation [Hard]
Animation [Very Hard]
Spirits [Hard]

Abjuration: Int
Counter Spell [Very Hard] 1
Circles of Protection [Hard]

1 Defilers rarely if ever bother with Counter Spell, but Circles of Protection are quite common.

Arcane, Schools of Magic

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