“You,friend, have been given a great honor. To see the Father is a rare blessing bestowed on only the worthiest souls. What’s that you say? Sacrifice? Oh, yes-yes, indeed, you will be sacrificed. Now don’t struggle so. To have your heart claimed by a god – what a gift!”
~Huemac, moon priest attendant

Draj is a backwater city-state held firmly in the grasp of a mad sorcerer-king. Draj has never known peace, for warfare and conflict are among its highest ideals. Warriors hold power, and their vaunted status is something all aspire to attain. When not waging war against Raam or defending their home from reprisals or conquest, Draji raiders prowl the surrounding wastes, plundering villages for fresh slaves to replace those expended in labor or sacrifice.

Notable Figures:
Sorcerer King Tectuktitlay
Moon Priest/Senior Templar Dagolar


Into the Burning Wastes Nehebkau