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Dwarves form a good part of the people encountered in the Tablelands. These strong and devoted beings live to fulfill their focus, a task they choose to devote their lives to. Stubborn and strong‐minded, dwarves make good companions, even though their usual focused nature can tend to be bothersome.

“The worst thing you can say to a dwarf is ‘It can’t be done.’ If he’s already decided to do it, he may never speak to you again. If he hasn’t decided to take up the task, he may commit himself to it simply out of spite. ‘Impossible’ is not a concept most dwarves understand. Anything can be done, with enough determination.”
―Sha’len, Nibenese trader

ST: 10 [0] HP: 24 [1] Speed: 5 [0]
DX: 10 [0] Will: 14 [20] Move: 4 [-5]
IQ: 10 [0] Per: 10 [0]
HT: 13 [30] FP: 13 [0] SM: 0
Dodge: 8 Parry: n/a DR: 0 [0]

Advantages: Fit [5pts]; Less Sleep 1 [2pts]; Focus [10pts]1; Magic Resistance 2 [4pts]; Hard to Subdue 2 [4pts]; Hard to Kill 3 [6pts]; Dark Vision (60 feet) [18pts]; Single Minded [5pts]; Toughness 3 [9pts]

Disadvantages: Major Vow (I will complete my focus) [-5]; Stubborn [-5]; Obsession [-10]; Duty (Clan) [-2]; No Sense of Humor (Focus) [-8]2; Workaholic (Focus) [-5]

Suggested Advantages:
Suggested Disadvantages: Secret (Focus) [Varies]; Hidebound

Personality: Dwarves prefer to occupy themselves with meaningful tasks, and often approach these tasks with an intensity rarely seen in other races. As such, dwarves make excellent laborers, and take great pride in their accomplishments. However, their stubbornness can lead to difficulties. Dwarves will sometimes fail to listen to reason, attempting to accomplish what are impossible tasks. Dwarves live for their focus. Dwarves that die while being unable to complete their focus return from the dead as banshees to haunt their unfinished work. A dwarf also rarely divulges his focus to anyone.

Physical Description: The dwarves of the Tablelands stand 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall, with big muscular limbs and a strong build. They weigh on average 200 lbs. Dwarves are hairless, and find the very idea of hair repulsive. They have deeply tanned skin, and rarely decorate it with tattoos. Dwarves can live up to 250 years.

Relations: A dwarfʹs relation with others is often a function of his focus. People that help the dwarf accomplish his focus or share his goals are treated with respect and considered good companions. There is little room for compromise, though, with those that disagree with the dwarf’s focus. If they hinder the dwarf, they are considered obstacles that must be removed. Community is important to the dwarves. Dwarves have a very strong racial affinity. They rarely share their history with non– dwarves; it can take years for a stranger to gain enough trust to be admitted into a Dwarven family circle.

1 Focus: A dwarf’s focus is the central point of his existence. Nothing is more rewarding to a dwarf than to complete his focus. A focus must take at least a week to complete; anything less than that is too simple a task to be considered a focus. Dwarves receive a (+1)morale bonus working to complete a focus. The task must be directly related to the completion of the focus, however. A dwarf may only pursue one focus at a time, he may not take another until it is complete. Anything that stands in the way of a focus is an obstacle, removing an obstacle is considered part of the focus.

2 The only time you show your festive side is when you have recently fulfilled a focus, during the hours or days until you set a new focus. Only during these brief days of fulfillment, and only to other dwarves and your most trusted non–Dwarven friends, do you show your full joy and sense of humor

Features: If the dwarf is killed while having failed his Focus, he will return as an undead banshee haunting his unfinished works.


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