Magic Advantages


Magic Power
5 + 10/level

A Mage must have Magery 0 in order to cast spells. Spell skills are capped at 12 + Magery, and Magery does not add to spell skills or Thaumatology. Each level of Magery beyond 0 increases a Mage’s Threshold by 20 and his recovery rate by 5. For example, a Mage with Magery 4 would have a Threshold of 80 and his Power Tally would be reduced by 20 at every sunrise, minimum 0.

Mages may have up to a maximum of Magery [1/2 INT].


Faster Casting
Prerequisite: Magery 0+
Each level of this advantage reduces the penalty for rushing spells by 1.


Cheaper Casting
Prerequisite: Magery 0+
Each level of this Advantage reduces the energy cost to cast any spells using a single Word of Power by one; you must specialize by Word.

Per slot: 4 + 2/point

Prerequisite: Magery 0+
You may Memorize a Spell from a Grimoire, providing a bonus to cast that Spell. You must first have access to a Grimoire capable of providing the bonus you are attempting to achieve. It takes ten times the Spell’s Casting Time in minutes to memorize the information from the Grimoire. You may choose to forget this information whenever you wish. If you have memorized a Spell in this fashion, there is no penalty to cast it without a Grimoire.


Spell Mastery
Prerequisite: Magery 0
You gain a +4 bonus to casting a specific spell when you are not using a Grimoire or Scroll. Note that this perk has no effect when you are using a Grimoire or Scroll!


Divine Power

Magic Advantages

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