Psionics, The Will and the Way


In GURPS, psionics use the power system, as defined on p. B254 and greatly expanded on in Powers. Past that, it’s up to the GM as to how much is predefined.

Psionics are cast within their four schools represented by a list of skills:
Enviromental: Int
Pyro/Cyro Kinesis – Hard
TeleKinesis – Average
PhotoKinesis – Hard
Gravikinesis – Very Hard

Manipulative: Will
Empathetic Projection – Hard
Dream Projection – Average
Probe – Very Hard
Telepathy – Average

Sensory: Will
Precognition – Very Hard
Retrocognition – Hard
Psychometry – Average
Empath – Hard

Somatic: HL
Psychometabolism – Average
Psychometamorphism – Very Hard
(Externalization)1 – Very Hard

1 Externalization of psychometamorphism and pyschometabolism abilities are extremely difficult. Without taking ranks in “externalization” the caster must depend on a much reduced psychometabolism & psychometamorphism. Even with the study of externalization, the caster must overcome the body of his target. Beings with large robust bodies will greatly resist the manipulation of its being – opponents oppose the casters ability with their HL. It should also be noted that attacking the enemies mind does not fall under these powers, it has its own senses and defenses. It should also be noted that the schools of psychometabolism & psychometamorphism allow for increasing of allies physical abilities, decreasing of enemy abilities, healing of allies, and damaging of enemies flesh.

Psionics, The Will and the Way

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