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Memory Fragments of Ahemait Ama’at

When one dreams for a thousand years, seen every nightmare brought to a mockery of life, what remains of fear? Such a vast gulf of time, what thought can evade it’s nets? Yet, the dreaming is the greatest treasure in this frozen world. Remembering the past, when things were simple, when the world was warm. Remembering the past, when my brother had flesh and we strove to make something of the ruins together. Always, yes, always remembering the past. And what of the future? Why, the future is an endless sea of time, a plentiful bounty to reap yet more memories – more opportunities to dream.


A Prophetic Birth

To Gaze Upon Oblivion

Dining on Dust


To be written.


On The Enlightened Races – The Verdant Age

Ahemait Ama’at Edit Delete
Ahemait seeks to fell the greatest beasts and heros of each age, or atleast be around when the deed is done.
Ahemait Ama’at
Author: ChristopherRose
PC in: Vespalia: Reliquary of Dreams
Game System: Rolemaster

Phase One:

Weak from long slumber and atrophied muscles – Ahemait is hunched and withered. Scales hang from loose skin and lack the luster of health. Speech is staggered and thoughts jumbled or lost with the dreams of long slumber. Despite weakness of body and mind, Ahemait moves with a practiced grace, of one who has walked every possible land for countless millennia. Past it all, eyes shine bright with the knowledge and wisdom of innumerable years and a hunger to experience so much more.
The chill wind again rubs my scales – how long has it been. I always forget, brother has forgotten as well…my name? I scrawl it into the stone beside me before I sleep, the stones are worn now. Ahemait Ama’at, that’s me, a title in the place of a name – Existence from Death. It’s a strange thought, and brother whispers so, it’s difficult to think. Where has my might gone, ahh yes, it’s always like this…in the beginning. The fugue of so many years in dream hangs heavily now, but soon we shall feast brother and our strength will return.
Ahemait crawls from the earth, a stone fortress now risen beside what had once been a barren plateau, and even now on the path to become a bare hillside once more.
Yes brother, I know, the ruins. That is where you felt the world tremble and quake – where you drew strength enough to rouse me? Let us go then and see what this age holds. The keeps of the mortals were more impressive when last we walked the land brother, remember, great beasts stirred and mighty heroes fell. Each age seems more diminished than the last, the works of mortals less impressive, but at least it was a time of great feasting.
The hunched Myrr crawls along the rocky hillside to the vast open portcullis, the foul smell of unwashed Azraen wafting out, his every movement shadowed by a macabre orb of polished bone and pitted Ederil. Creeping within, Ahemait spy’s the downed remains of a tribe of the vile Azraen, the large alpha lying headless in the vile ichor of his clan.
Brother, we have dined upon a king and his court this day. Ones to slay such as these, we shall follow them for a time, I smell what they have taken from these. They have moved, but not long ago.
The odd pair travel north and west – the frigid winds of Summer biting deeply into the staved flesh of the Myrr. The time of reaping has come again – to sup upon the armies of man and the servants of gods.
Mayet Khert-Nader
Atem Ka-Nun
GM + Redford_Blade + ChristopherRose

Ewer of Souls Pool: 20

Souls taken:
King of Azraen
Queen of Azraen
Boradh the Slayer


((Email from Thursday Morning))


Don’t feel that you need to respond to this in any haste, just wanted to ask some questions and solidify some of my ideas.

Under the Myrrenn write up it mentions a fair number follow the Devourer and the Fiend Undying. In that vein, I’ve thought up a character concept of two brothers. Long ago they came to (which ever Overlord you feel fits bests) secure eternal life for themselves. The Overlord agreed but offered the boon in such a fashion as to further its ends (Diminishing the World, see that things are Devoured, or whatever you feel fits). The brothers were to determine which would pay the price – the brothers were close and neither wanted to see the other suffer but in the end the elder brother (Ahemait Ama’at) prevailed. The price to be payed was also the key to their immortality – (Atem Ka-Nun) had his soul removed from his fleshy shell and placed in an incredible artifact of bone and Ederil. Atem Ka-Nun was held at the cold edge of oblivion – from where he could harvest the fleeting souls of the dead to fuel the lives of Ahemait and himself. They sleep much of ‘Time’ away, rising during times of great slaughter and war…when the overlords name champions and great beasts stalk the vast plains of ice. They gorge upon those rich souls for decades or centuries, and fat, retire to sleep till the next great war/age begins.

Obviously from the short story I wrote on OP – the slaughter of the Azraen clan and the consumption of their potent souls was the first taste the brothers have consumed at the onset of this great war coming. Very weak, as is always the case upon rising from the earth, Ahemait declares that they shall follow the slayers of the Azraen and grow strong upon their leavings. Ahemait has tracked and followed the Shadow’s of Lathe for over a year- recovering strength slowly with each great kill. When the group left towards Araband Rock via the teleportation chamber the trail grew cold – sniffing out their legend to Araband Rock and then to Elsbrin and finally back to Dindran’s Hold. Ahemait saw the group get on the ship with Courshin – I’ll leave it to you as far as infiltrating the ship (stealth is over 100) or following by the sea side.

So some other stuff:

I’ve taken Blood Bond again – it’s to the brother. The Ewer of Souls is a major plot point of the character and the focus of his story. Ahemait is very old, he was born just before the Falling Darkness. The brother’s grew more and more troubled and frightened after the fall as their people were shattered and broken by the shifting of the earth and loss of their females (note, I personally know little of the truth to that legend) and they turned to other powers to preserve their youth, strength, and longevity. The brothers exist in a state of constant confusion. . His life is like that of an immortal bear, gorging on souls in a time of slaughter, then slinking off to sleep for centuries during a time of peace. Long periods of vivid dream and the chaotic swirls of slaughter during waking moments – concepts of reality are blurred. I’ve used this concept to further the write-up’s concept of timelessness.

The write-up mentions that Myrrenn “suffer no ill effects from the frigid clime, but rather thrive on it” I take that to not be true in reality? They still suffer all the normal frostbite and freezing rules as normal and this is just a bit of off the cuff fluff – correct? I’m going to assume that’s the case unless otherwise stated.

Another note: I’ve invested over 2 years into the game now. To be reduced the weakest person in the party with one magic item is not really cool. I’ve written a ton and developed a lot of lore – I feel I deserve a little bit of support in that area. The situation, the other players being hot blooded and short sighted, it’s forced me to abandon a character I’ve poured a lot of thought and energy into. I want you to keep these words in mind as we hammer out the finer points of the character.

Ewer of Souls: The blood bond and brother of the character – rather than some war beast (hard to implement for the both of us) it is a font of power with some cool fluff points. So I wanted to cover the mechanics of the Ewer-

The Ewer is a soul reservoir – Ahemait being 90,000 years old – the Ewer is the key to the cycles of activity and dormancy. The Ewer has no realistic limit (within game terms) to its capacity, the decades-centuries that Ahemait remains active being outside the scope of the game, but its primary function only benefits so much from the souls that inhabit it. That function is to provide a distributed bonus of 60 attribute points residing in the miscellaneous column. It should be noted here, Windan’s hammer is the equivalent to +75 Brawn and +75 Stamina in regards to the most important pool of the game attack pool, this would be nearly a third of the hammer’s value their. Even Xander’s Blade of Striking is the equivalent of +40 in attribute’s as far as that pool. We can hash out that value if your unsatisfied with it. Keep in mind that this is not just a magic item but also my blood bond – rather than tracking a second beast under our combined control (aka pain in the ass). Atem Ka-Nun (the Ewer brother) was also a wizard, I believe we could expand the functions of the item as Atem regains his strength and power as well…rather than channeling directly from an Overlord. I’m fine with Overlord stuff too, but even over getting more magic items, I would prefer we expand on the Ewer as we consume souls. As 60 soul pool is the maximum useful to the attributes bonus, I feel the best mechanic is to spend excess souls as a form of limited and non-replenishing resource that fuels or enhances Atem’s powers. I’ve got tentative ideas for two possible powers and I’ll cover those later.

Mostly feeling out your feelings, would go on, but need to get back to teaching.

All the best,

P.S. I’ve got a link to a pair of Ederil Katar – feel free to do what you want as far as that goes.

Atem Ka-Nun Edit Delete
‘Crucible of Absolute Dissolution’ and brother to Ahemait
Atem Ka-Nun
Author: ChristopherRose
NPC in: Vespalia: Reliquary of Dreams
Game System: Rolemaster

The form Atem now wears is one of unease and even horror to those who understand what they are seeing. A spherical orb roughly two feet in diameter – Atem is enshrined in rune etched Ederil with a frame a smooth hewn bone harder than any stone. The entire artifact body thrums with eldritch power – even as a substance like liquid shadow spills forth from its core in a constant stream.

What is truly horrifying to those who understand what they see, Atem is still alive and well aware of his surroundings, if a bit disconnected. There is no pain in his current form – only a sense of supreme cold and a deep and constant tug upon the soul. Never has this shell seemed a prison, no more than another would view their own body as such. In the early days, the body was unwieldy and uncomfortable, like the trying years between boy and man.

Atem is content and loves his brother still – for he would have inhabited this form for him as well. Even more so – since this metamorphosis they have become even more inseparable. Drinking deeply of the world for a time before prey moves and and sleep beckons.
GM + Redford_Blade + ChristopherRose

Thoughts on further/future powers:

Breath of Isfet (Isfet is the principle of chaos and dissolution in Egyptian mythology, in opposition to the principles of Ma’at, the creator deity.)

Imbuing the seeping chill shadows of Isfet with the raped remnants of weakened souls – the hungry dead seek the warmth of a living body. An icy chill, not only of body, but of souls seeps into the unfortunate victim. As their healthy soul fights off the offending spirit – they are temporarily weakened and their body not wholly their own.

Soul/Duration/(Attack/DR Pens.)

Aegis of Isfet

Weaving the forever still remnants, the ashes of the soul, with the chill waters of Oblivion – the caster is able to create a field of negative energy. Bathing in the mist of the Ewer, the target is sheathed with a field that steals the energy from a foe’s sword arm, the flight from an arrow, and even consumes the magical force behind orisons and spells.

Soul/Damage Absorption Value/Shatter Threshold

Not sure on how to cost spells, could take some tweaking and such. Souls are rather limited, only powerful foes, such as the lords of the Azraen and the leader’s of Rhynnor fists or singularly powerful champions resist dissolution long enough for the Ewer to trap them. As such powers would be used rarely and the resource of soul should be, in comparison to PP, of much greater potency/value. One major boon, the Ewer/Atem is the caster, so it would not consume the player action (making it my synergistic with Ahemait’s actions).

Mayet Khert-Nader Edit Delete
The Scales of Life’s End
Mayet Khert-Nader
Author: ChristopherRose
Game System: Rolemaster

Pair of Ederil Katar
-Uses Scimitar Attack Tables

“Each Katar belonged to a brother, now only one bearer remains, the eyes of the first continue to watch the other – forever, without end, but not without rest.”

Under construction

Passive bonus to duel wield?
Each Katar can be activated once daily to cause two cumulative crit rolls (Get 7A, do 7damage and two A crits?)
Causes bleeding wounds on each hit [(bleed 2-5) could be too much trouble to track?]
Allow wielder to “teleport” to brothers side (limited and minor power)?
Historically katar were armor piercing – somehow affect armor rating or flat bonus to hit?
Ederil is magically potent, however our storytelling lends little to combat mobility and placement – otherwise such powers would seem the most fitting.
The blades were once created for each brother to wield one – something that draws on that lore?
Based on the feather of truth in Egyptian mythology, something that weighs the foe down (penalties to rolls) as their sins (fluff only, more like a increased gravity effect) are weighed?

I’m leaning towards (Bleed 5) on each strike and the ability for the holder of one katar to appear at the back/beside the other wielder/katar. Pretty much for fluff and it can be limited to once a day. I’ve got the outline for a backstory on the paired blades already and those abilities flow into it pretty well. After I get some papers graded, I’ll try to type that up today.

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