Strength Table

*Using a weapon that requires more ST than you possess results in -1 to weapon skill per point of ST found lacking and a loss of one extra FP at the end of any fight lasting long enough to fatigue you.

*Weapons have an upper limit, a sword can only inflict so much damage. To represent this, weapons take their required ST and multiplies it by 3 to find maximum effective ST. (ST 6 Knife can go no higher than ST 18 on this chart above)

*Natural weapons have no min or max ST, but they also open themselves up to aggressive parries to those using swords and the like. The Striker trait is found on many of Arthus’ denizens, so the statement above is often false.

*Weapons requiring two hands (represented by a cross) can be used in one hand. This requires 1.5 times the listed ST (rounding up), but the weapon becomes unready after each attack. If you have 2.0 times the listed ST, you can use the weapon one handed with no penalties. This is never true for weapons with moving parts such as crossbows, bows, and others.

*Please reference pg 270 of the Core book for more rules on weapons and ST.

Strength Table

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